Insurance Claims

Making an insurance claim

Most Homeowners are reluctant to file an insurance claim even if there is actual storm damage. They’re probably worried about their insurance rate going up. We want to assure you that the insurance company cannot raise your rate due to an “Act of God”, such as hail, storm or wind damage. We sincerely believe that if you have storm damage, you should not forgo any settlement owed to you. Partnering with you from the beginning to end, our claims specialist at A&W Roofing are dedicated to make sure that the process is both painless and simple for you as a homeowner.

Is time running out?

Wind and hail damage can take several years to cause leaks; however, your insurance company will require that a claim be filed within 2 years from the date of the storm. We want you to know that it is extremely important to have a trained professional come inspect your roof shortly after a severe storm, even if you don’t think that there is any damage. After years of working with insurance companies, A&W Roofing has determined that the earlier you file a claim the better settlement you will receive.

Free Roof Assessment

A&W Roofing offers a free roof assessment to identify any damage caused by severe weather. If you have had a recent storm in your area, it is important to have your roof inspected by a trained professional.

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