Residential Roofing Services in Charlotte, NC

Your roof is the only line of defense that your home has against the weathers harsh elements.

Whether it’s hot, baking temperatures, or hurricane force winds, your roof is call upon to stand up against a lot. It is important to perform regular inspections of your roof immediately after weather damage so that it does not harm other areas of your roof.
Yet many homeowners hesitate to make that call when it’s truly needed. We at A&W Custom Carpentry and Roofing completely understand this concern, and offer free roof inspections of your roofs condition that’s easy to understand and follow. We want you to trust in us and in our service, which is why we offer a 10-year leak free guarantee of workmanship beyond the original manufacturer warranties on the products we use.

A man working on residential roofing installation in Charlotte, NC
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Trust us and our Assessment

When it comes roofing, the most common mistake residents make is over estimating their roofing needs. While it’s impossible for you to know the extent of any roofing damage with just a quick visual inspection, there are some signs you can look for to see how extensive your repair may be:

  • visual holes in the roof or roof deck
  • missing shingles
  • shingle granules build up in gutters and near downspouts
  • mold or algae growth
  • missing flashing around chimney and walls

Call today for a Free No-obligation roof inspection

While the presence of any of these signs might indicate a roof replacement is needed, the absence of them might also mean a simple roof repair. We promise that our estimate will be fair and honest.

We offer full selection of the finest roofing materials. Our installers are all certified from our suppliers so we can offer the best warranties available, and you have the peace of mind of a properly installed roof. Our service is thorough yet quick, with most jobs being completed in just one day. We take pride in our selves on our neatness and work to avoid damages to any surrounding shrubbery or landscaping. Once we’re done, you’ll hardly know we were ever there.