A&W Roofing just finished an awesome deck on our new house. Unfortunately we didn’t know about A&W Roofing when we got started with the project and ended up hiring a contractor who had no idea what he was doing. After several weeks of headache and wasted money, we ended up firing the other contractor. Afterwards we found A&W Roofing and they came out to look at the mess and see what damage control they could do. My husband and I were extremely impressed with their knowledge right away. They got started immediately and made tremendous progress. They completed our deck before the deadline they set for themselves and within our budget. We were thrilled with the level of craftsmanship and the level of quality. It was apparent they were skilled and experienced and the deck passed code on the first inspection! We’re enjoying our dream deck thanks to A&W Roofing and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a premier carpentry or roofing company in Charlotte, NC.
Thanks A&W!

Kaitlin and Harry Marsh

Mint Hill, North Carolina

After a storm, our roof suffered extensive damage. When we weren’t sure how to proceed, a friend gave A&W Roofing as a reference so we called them up for help. Since our roof needed replaced ASAP, we were happy that they sent a foreman out to look at the damage the same day. He helped us understand the process of working with our insurance to get a new roof and answered all of our questions. A&W Roofing worked directly with our insurance to get the roof replaced. They did an amazing job and completed the project soon. We didn’t find a single nail in our yard afterwards. We were extremely pleased with the end product and their service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great roofing company or roofing contractor in Charlotte, NC.

Lisa and Don White

Charlotte, North Carolina